Sodom In The Sanctuary

We live in a time when the worst of sins are present in the best of churches. Our culture, now in moral free fall, is reflected by improprieties commonplace in congregations.

The Roman Catholic Church has reportedly paid out millions because of abuses inflicted by scores of pervert priests. The cover-up reached into the highest echelons of Babylon.

Ray Boltz, well-known Christian singer, recently came out of the closet and announced his homosexuality.

A very effective and well-respected pastor, accused by a host of children for abuses, is honored and sent overseas as a missionary, rather than tried for crimes and incarcerated. Similarly, a youth worker is confronted for abusing children in the youth group. After admitting his sin and crying crocodile tears on his knees in prayer, he wipes his eyes and asks the pastor, “What is next on the agenda for the day?” His warped mind thinks the issue is settled and is ready to get back to work!

Far too often, these predatory practices are “Hush, Hushed,” for the supposed greater good. With absolutely no concern for the former or future victims, these perverts quietly exit for damage control purposes, and go to another ministry where the whole tragedy is repeated. This gross lack of accountability and responsible leadership is a disgrace too large to ignore.

1 Peter 4:17 says, Judgment must begin at the house of God. As distasteful and difficult as these things are, God’s people must do right because it is right. Loving your neighbor as yourself surely includes warning others of the potential danger posed by a proven deviant. The only way to get Sodom out of the Sanctuary is to expose it, deal with it, and cast it out!

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