The Sin Of Being Average

The Scandal of Lukewarm Spirituality The sternest of the seven letters written to the churches in Asia Minor was directed to the Laodiceans (Rev. 2-3). When God wrote a letter to the church at Philadelphia, He had nothing bad to say to them. When God wrote a letter to the Laodicean church, He had nothing good to say to them! Laodicea was neither good nor bad—not hot but not cold either. They weren’t…

Institutional Religion

Why Tradition-bound Churches are Lifeless In referring to tradition-bound churches, I am not alluding to congregations governed by biblical principles. Nor am I referring to those who take conservative stands. Rather, I am thinking about those whose customs and rituals are more revered than God Himself. Tradition-bound Churches Worship out of Habit “Tradition worshippers” derive a sense of well-being

Prosperity Pimps

Prophets of Plenty to the Rescue! The Bible abounds with teaching on “sowing and reaping.” It is loaded with principles on giving. Your harvest depends on what you sow as well as how much you sow. The law of reciprocity covers all areas of life. If you are discouraged, sow encouragement into someone who is depressed. If you are sick, minister to another person is who is ill. If you desire mercy,

Sodom In The Sanctuary

We live in a time when the worst of sins are present in the best of churches. Our culture, now in moral free fall, is reflected by improprieties commonplace in congregations. The Roman Catholic Church has reportedly paid out millions because of abuses inflicted by scores of pervert priests. The cover-up reached into the highest echelons of Babylon. Ray Boltz, well-known Christian singer, recently

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