Men’s Prayer Advance

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Our Featured Speakers:

David Gibbs

Ron Lynch

Harold Vaughan



January 27-29, 2022


Shenandoah Baptist Church
6520 Williamson Rd
Roanoke, VA 24019


When prayer goes up, Heaven comes down!

This is not a prayer retreat, it's a prayer advance! We're not backing up, giving up, or slowing down. If you want to move forward with God, the Advance is the place for you.

Prayer brings eternity to bear upon time. The role of prayer is to advance God's kingdom on earth. The people who touch heaven are the ones who echo back the desires that God has placed in their hearts.

Fellowship with God is life's greatest adventure. The Prayer Advance is a place where men and women touch heaven. This upward reach brings the presence and power of God into the affairs of life. When we touch heaven, God changes things on earth.

About the Advance

Every Advance features heart-directed preaching, heart-felt congregational worship, and heart-to-heart fellowship. We have no axes to grind and no agendas to promote. Our singular purpose is a spiritual encounter with the living Christ.

Everyone Must Register!

Everyone attending MUST register to attend. The registration price is the same regardless of how many sessions you attend.  You will be given a name tag when you check-in which you MUST wear to gain entrance to all sessions. Our online registration form will be active until 3PM on Wednesday, January 27. Last minute attendees should make every effort to register by that time. No unregistered "walk-ins" will be given access to the sessions. 

Virtual Advance Option

We are offering a Virtual option for the Men's Prayer Advance in partnership with VCY AMERICA. Everyone watching virtually will need to register on VCY's website to gain access. This includes individuals and groups. Please click on the appropriate links below to register.

Individual Attendees

If you are registering for the Virtual Men's Prayer Advance as an individual, please CLICK HERE to register online at VCY AMERICA for access to the Advance. This MUST be completed on-line in order to get the link.

Church Simulcast Option

If you are registering as a Church group or small group you will need to do the following two steps:

  • Your TECH person must CLICK HERE to register online at VCY AMERICA to receive access to the Advance. This MUST be completed on-line in order to get the link. Cost is $89.
  • A group representative will need CLICK HERE to complete the registration form for the Church group. Churches will be asked to submit a list of all attendees AFTER the Advance. Please wait to do this until AFTER the Advance to ensure we get a complete list of attendees. The price is the same per person regardless of the number of sessions attended. DO NOT INCLUDE THE TECH PERSON IN YOUR COUNT since they will be registering separately.
    • 1 to 5 attendees - $89 per person
    • 6-15 attendees - $79 per person
    • 16-30 attendees - $69 per person
    • 31-50 attendees - $59 per person
    • More than 50 - call our office at 540-890-6100 to register your group

Breakout Sessions

More details coming soon!

Additional Resources and Important Links

Tentative Schedule

(subject to change - see the Advance schedule given at check-in for actual times)

  • Thursday – 10am – 1:30pm – check-in
  • Thursday – 1:30pm – 5:00pm – Sessions
  • Thursday – 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Dinner (on your own)
  • Thursday – 7:00pm – Session
  • Friday – 8:45am – 12pm – Sessions
  • Friday – 12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch (on your own)
  • Friday – 1:45pm – 4:45pm - Sessions
  • Friday – 4:45pm – 7:00pm – Dinner (on your own)
  • Friday – 7:00pm – Session
  • Saturday – 8.45am – 11:30am – Sessions

MPA Videos


WOW! What an incredible day yesterday! My newest son-in-law and one of the men from our Church – all of us were powerfully convicted, challenged, and moved yesterday!

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord! Gifts clearly displayed at the Advance for the Glory of God our Father, the praise of His Son, the testifying of the Holy Spirit and the building up of the body of Christ!

Best Advance ever for me!!! God taught me so much!!

2 saved this morning!!!

What an awesome Prayer Advance, I’m so glad nothing hindered me from being able to go this year. Your speakers were the best and I took quite a bit away from the meetings. I was truly blessed.

It was an awesome Prayer Advance! David Gibbs rings the bell every time. We were encouraged, blessed, rebuked, reproved and challenged. Thanks for being available to God!

Along with my Pastor I just attended my first Advance....Soul Shaking!!! for sure. 750 strong Christian men praising and glorifying our God whose presence abounded throughout. If a man didn't  leave lifted, renewed, informed and carrying a desire to be more Brother, you need to be checked for a pulse.

The Advance has been such a help to our men. God has clearly spoken to all our hearts, and helped both of the men that came with me. The spiritual growth in the past 40 hours has been visible.

Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us at the 2020 Advance as we again meet to praise and glorify him.