The best students of Bible prophecy cannot find the United States mentioned in relation to the end times. As history winds down, apparently something happens that removes America from being a world player. This is in keeping with the push toward a centralized world government. When the anti-Christ steps in to solve all the world’s problems, no strong sovereign nations can remain. All leaders will coalesce in lockstep submission to the new order. This is already well underway.

And none of this stripping of national allegiance will occur apart from a huge portion of people going along with the transition. Politics are always downstream of culture.

There are two barriers to this new world system: the Constitution and Christianity. The intentional efforts to demote America’s dominance are no longer hidden. The destruction of the dollar through indebtedness and inflation are matters of public policy. Our lawmakers, or more accurately “flaw makers”, don’t care about the trillions of national debt. The ineptness of our congress and senate has bankrupted the nation. They keep giving away money that we do not have. And most of the publicly educated citizens don’t seem to care either!

Independent thinking and responsible Americans must be “cancelled” if worldwide totalitarianism is to be implemented. All the talk about “equity” is code language for cultural Marxism. Of course this will necessitate the obliteration of the middle class. The costs of housing, healthcare, and living expenses are already out of reach for millions of families.

When a nation declares war on Normal, war on Responsibility, and war on God; people should anticipate the inevitable chaos that accompanies such rebellion. I said years ago that the internet would complete the sodomization of America.

The goal of “Wokeism” is the annihilation of Christianity. Nothing can be allowed to compete with Caesar—the god of government. Increasing secularism and the escalating hostility toward the gospel are two triumphs of the new agenda. The rise in persecution of Christians will accelerate rapidly as “strong delusion” overtakes more and more people.

Scores of churches have already sold out to the spirit of Antichrist. It will cost to stand firm in the last days, but our commission is to “occupy” until Christ returns. Don’t be dismayed. All these things must come to pass.

Loyalty to Christ and His Word is our privilege and responsibility. There can be no bending the Bible around the culture, or compromise with evil. We are called to Stand, Withstand, and STAND FIRM.

The only safe place in these last days is “in Christ.” So keep looking up… your redemption is drawing near.

Harold Vaughan


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