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The Bible abounds with teaching on “sowing and reaping.” It is loaded with principles on giving. Your harvest depends on what you sow as well as how much you sow. The law of reciprocity covers all areas of life. If you are discouraged, sow encouragement into someone who is depressed. If you are sick, minister to another person is who is ill. If you desire mercy, be merciful to others. We do reap what we sow, more than we sow, and later than we sow (Gal. 6:9).

Truth out of balance is a lie. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than with the twisted teachings often heard from some T.V. preachers. The Prosperity Pimps tell viewers that the way to financial blessing is found by “sowing a seed” into their ministry. These snake-oil salesmen milk their supporters for donations by manipulating unsuspecting victims.

These “flock fleecers” unashamedly preach their gospel of greed. Supporters are encouraged to send a donation in anticipation of a “one hundred-fold return.” That’s a pretty good return in any economy. But why do they insist you “sow your seed” into their ministries? Why not sow a seed into some poor widow or a struggling family in dire straits? Better yet, why not sow a gift to the parents of a child suffering from leukemia?

At any rate, here is an opportunity for these men to enjoy their BEST LIFE NOW! Since we are in the midst of an economic meltdown, I want to challenge Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Ken Copeland and other prosperity prophets to step up to the plate and bail us out! Since the “one hundred-fold return” is virtually guaranteed, why don’t they do the sowing? Surely they possess mailing lists containing millions of names.

Step 1.

I recommend they begin by sowing a measly $10 seed into every person in their data bases. Let me illustrate by using round figures. Follow the math: One million (people) x $10 (seed) x 100% return = 1 billion dollars.

Step 2.

Next they should plant a $100 seed into the same one million households. Hold on to your seat: One million (people) x $100 (seed) x 100% = 10 billion.

Step 3.

After reaping that humongous harvest they should step out on faith and sow a $1,000 seed into their supporters. Check this out: One million (people) x $1,000 (seed) x 100% = 100 billion.

Step 4.

Now is the time for a “sacrificial offering.” Get ready for a MIRACLE: One million (people) x $10,000 (seed) x 100% = 1 trillion!

Step 5.

Keep on giving more and keep on Getting More! The sky is the limit.

You can see how, if they simply follow their own sure-fire way to wealth, they could be rolling in even more dough. Think of it, by blessing millions through their faith and their generosity, they could insure unlimited wealth for themselves: a whole warehouse of Rolls Royce’s, more private jets, etc.!

If this scheme is true, they could easily by-pass Bill Gates and Warren Buffet as the richest men in America. In time these boys could raise enough money using their formula to wipe out our national debt and become national heroes. They could save us from Socialism by underwriting the Health Care bill for the entire nation!

Misleading the gullible and naïve is serious because men do reap what they sow. By sowing deception, the Prosperity Pimps are reaping more than money. Paul spoke of evil men waxing worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. What could be worse than unwittingly being deluded with the same delusion you are feeding others?

Scripture clearly warns about men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself (1 Tim. 6:5).

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  1. NormJune 9, 2015

    Brother Vaughan … THANK YOU SO MUCH for speaking out against this serious spiritual perversion that has to be pushing God’s “Anger Button” right to the very edge.

    Increased persecution (what OTHER choice does God HAVE??????!!!!!) is going to be allowed by God to do some “house cleaning – purging – refining” to ministers who have twisted “sowing and reaping” for financial gain. MANY Christians caught up in the “financial prosperity pimping deception” will not discern WHY God is allowing such persecution to visit them … simply because their deepest motive in being a Christian in the first place is to have a relationship with a God TO PERSONALLY GET ($$$$$$) — SELFISHNESS being the motive behind their giving.

    I can’t thank God enough for men of God like you who discern so clearly the TRUE heart of God in matters down here and are willing to be on the FRONT LINE for Jesus in DOING something tangibly about it.

    “Father – I ask in Jesus’ name that you greatly ENLARGE the readership of the wisdom of words this brother writes and speaks to help young – confused Christians to discern what is truly eternally fruitful … and what is NOT … which will amount to little more than “wood, hay and stubble” (loss of rewards) when eternal rewards are granted to born again believers.”


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