“Everybody Needs A Little Jesus…”?

“Everybody needs a little Jesus in their lives,” was part of the radio advertisement for an upcoming Men’s Conference.  These words were spoken by an NFL athlete, who is slated to give his testimony at this event. Not sure if the “little Jesus” phrase was referring to the relevance of Christ, or His dominance in human lives. Either way, it is borderline blasphemy, not to mention theological non-sense.

On top of that, at least one of the “ZZ Top look-a-likes” from Duck Dynasty will be on hand for the conference as well. With all the recent hubbub, one wonders if the new leading spokesman for Christianity in America will be a television star who reportedly belongs to the Church of Christ, instead of a psychologist!

Revival meetings, where sinners and saints are called on to repent, are giving way to “Fun Night for the Family.” All this emphasis on entertainment is an admission that it is no longer feasible to appeal to church people on the basis of spiritual things. With a weakened image of God it is not surprising to see productions where Santa, Elvis, and Jesus are all combined to make religion palatable to the public. No doubt, the football star will be a bigger attraction at the Men’s Conference than “little Jesus!” Samuel Chadwick said, “When the church is run on the same lines as a circus, there may be crowds, but there is no Shekinah.” Small wonder the “real Jesus”, not the aforementioned “little Jesus”, questioned whether He would find real faith when He comes the second time.

E. M. Bounds said, “When the pulpit directs its deliverances to catch the popular ear, when it tones down its awful and solemn truths to the level of a pleasant entertainment, it is a fallen pulpit… The spirit of prayer cannot be in harmony with the spirit of entertainment in the Church of God.” Bounds went on to say, “The feeble phase of holiness, the dulling effect of sin, the secularization of the church, the worldliness, the sensationalism, the absence of the spirit of worship, all these tend to destroy the forces that convict the sinner of sin.” Whenever the beauty of Christ, the pain of repentance, the shame of guilt, the fear of hell, and humility are lacking—it is a counterfeit revival. It is these deceptive, delusive, and entertaining features that distinguish the real from the false. 

So I must take issue with the “little Jesus” comment. Everybody needs a whole Christ for the whole of life. Are we in need of a visitation from heaven, or what?


  1. RandolphJanuary 20, 2014

    I can definitely understand your point. I am curious as to the intended reference to the Duck Dynasty star’s association with the Church of Christ? Do you take issue with them?

    1. Harold VaughanJanuary 28, 2014

      Thanks for your inquiry. My understanding is that Church of Christ as a denomination believes in Baptismal Regeneration. In other, baptism is required for salvation. I believe that baptism follows salvation, not required for salvation.


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