“We have done that which was our duty to do” (Luke 17:10).

     We cannot depend upon great events, striking circumstances, exalted moments, and great occasions to measure our zeal, courage, faith, and love. These are measured by the commonplace, work-a-day tasks, the unattractive hidden paths of common life. 
     Thank God for the new vision, the beautiful idea, and the glowing experience of the mountain. But unless we bring it down to the level of life, and teach it to walk with feet, work with hands, and stand the strain of daily life, it is worse than losing it. We have been hurt by it. The uncommon life is the product of the day lived in the uncommon way. Conspicuous efficiency in a lowly sphere is the best preparation for a higher one.
   The incidents of which Jesus’ work was made up are, humanly speaking, very humble and unpretentious. Human details fill the compass of His vast experience and work. He might have stilled a tempest every night. He could have walked upon the sea or flown over it, had the need existed. He could have transfigured Himself before Pilate and the astonished multitude in the temple. He could have made visible ascensions at noon every day, had He been minded so to do.
     The most faithful cannot compare with Jesus in lowliness of manner; He taught only one woman at Jacob’s well. He noticed a finger touch on the hem of His garment. He stooped to take little children up in His arms and bless them, even so small a thing as a cup of cold water, He said, would yield its recompense of a heavenly reward. —Source Unknown

     Whoever neglects a thing which he suspects he ought to do, because it seems too small a thing, is deceiving himself. It is not too little, but too great for him, because he refuses to do it. —E. B. Pusey

     There never has been a great and beautiful character which has not become so by filling the ordinary and smaller offices appointed of God. —H. Bushnell

This devotion is from today’s reading in Oasis – Daily Refreshment For The Thirsty Soul.

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