Who is the head of the church? In some congregations the deacons run the show. In others, it’s the pastor who calls the shots.  Elder boards rule in many places. Congregationally ruled churches are governed democratically. The Church of England owns the British Monarch as its head. There are many schemes and systems practiced in church governance. But who is the head of the true church of God?


The Bible says that “Christ is the head of the church” (Eph. 5:23). Not a man, not men, and not a political figure—but Christ Himself.  He’s the chief Shepherd who appoints and anoints under-shepherds to oversee the flock. According to Scripture, Jesus is the undisputed head of the church. 


Multitudes deny Jesus from being the Lord of their church. Often prominent families rule the roost. Have you noticed that often the wealthiest member is the “head deacon” or “head elder”? But who says the most successful businessman is always qualified to hold the reigns of influence? 


The whole matter boils down to Lordship. When the “human” usurps the divine: His principles are violated, His name is dishonored, His commands are disobeyed, His morality is ignored, and His truth is repudiated. Spiritual apathy quickly devolves into apostasy. 


When Jesus is LORD, the church is ruled by the Word of God—the BIBLE. In most American churches Jesus has a title, but no authority. His Word is by-passed in matters of faith and practice. Culture and tradition are king, while Jesus takes the backseat! 


Wherever Christ’s headship is rejected, He quietly takes His Spirit and leaves. Much like Sampson who was unaware that his power had departed, all that is left is a “form godliness” minus divine presence and power. 


Once the Spirit departs (Ichabod), few ever recover. The only cure in such cases is deep brokenness and thorough repentance. Apart from spiritual reset (revival), the animating life of God is removed. Internal reality is replaced with external observances, and structures which become lifeless. 


There’s only a short step from spiritual apathy to oblivion. Preaching about the Lordship of Christ is important. But practicing submission to His Lordship is imperative. Vital reality within a congregation can only return by obeying the Word… regardless of possible outcomes.


JESUS IS LORD! And that is spelled capital “L”…  capital “O”… capital “R”… capital “D”. When the sovereign LORD Jesus Christ is present and actively in charge; people are converted, believers are conformed to Christ, and God is glorified. Praise the LORD Jesus Christ! 


Harold Vaughan 


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