1. Replacing biblical absolutes with cultural traditions 
  2. Emphasizing movement allegiance above loyalty to Jesus Christ
  3. Style preferences become equal to doctrinal convictions 
  4. Circling the wagons—Defensiveness replaces aggressive evangelism  
  5. Practicing Cancel Culture against any with secondary differences
  6. Leaders appear to be in competition rather than cooperation
  7. Lack of visionary leadership 
  8. Defeatist eschatology (Laodicean church age) is used to justify the lack of fruit
  9. Suspicion of thriving ministries 
  10. Preaching preferences and pet-peeves instead of expositing Scripture 
  11. Targets a single class of people
  12. Unable to connect with youth
  13. Conversions are rare
  14. Conformity in dress and appearance are more important than conformity to Christ
  15. The belief that “full-time Christian service” is for preachers instead of every believer
  16. Separation grows into isolation from sinners for whom Christ died
  17. Checking off religious boxes leading to self-righteousness 
  18. Insecure leaders attract insecure followers 
  19. Obsessed with negativity 
  20. Big on Truth, but weak on Grace
  21. Unloving disposition 
  22. Popish ministers with an air of infallibility 
  23. Humility and teachability are non-existent
  24. The local church becomes an institution instead of a “fellowship”
  25. “Faithfulness” to the church is preached more than devotion to Christ 
  26. Methods are emphasized more than motives
  27. Services look more like a nursing home than a delivery ward 
  28. Shallow sermons are more about opinions than proclamation of non-changing truth
  29. Preachers wrap themselves in the Red, White, and Blue instead of the precious blood of Jesus
  30. Politics arouse more sentiment than the loveliness of Christ
  31. The power and presence of Christ is seldom sensed
  32. Less and less conviction and celebration
  33. The dynamic of LIFE is absent

THE CHURCH IS NOT A MUSEUM TO VISIT, but a movement that glorifies God by connecting people to Christ.

Harold Vaughan


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