Replacing biblical absolutes with cultural traditions  Emphasizing movement allegiance above loyalty to Jesus Christ Style preferences become equal to doctrinal convictions  Circling the wagons—Defensiveness replaces aggressive evangelism   Practicing Cancel Culture against any with secondary differences Leaders appear to be in competition rather than cooperation Lack of visionary leadership  Defeatist eschatology (Laodicean church age) is used...


Who is the head of the church? In some congregations the deacons run the show. In others, it’s the pastor who calls the shots.  Elder boards rule in many places. Congregationally ruled churches are governed democratically. The Church of England owns the British Monarch as its head. There are many schemes and systems practiced in church...

Cultural Vs. Biblical Churches

You attract what you are... right? Churches tend to assimilate people who look alike, think alike, vote alike, dress alike, sound/sing alike, earn alike, sin alike, etc., right? So what about the mixture of nationalities and cultures that comprised the early church: Greeks, Jews, Barbarians, Scythians, etc. (see Col. 3:11)? How were they able to unite such cultural diversity in this new organism called the church?

Church Closings—A Bad Thing?

As long as I can remember, I've heard a loud lament from countless Christian leaders over the fact that thousands of churches cease to exist each year. But I recall only a few express grief over the utter ineffectiveness within the ranks of Christendom. When the Spirit of God has withdrawn from an assembly, closure is the best thing that could happen.

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