Institutional Religion

Why Tradition-bound Churches are Lifeless In referring to tradition-bound churches, I am not alluding to congregations governed by biblical principles. Nor am I referring to those who take conservative stands. Rather, I am thinking about those whose customs and rituals are more revered than God Himself. Tradition-bound Churches Worship out of Habit “Tradition worshippers” derive a sense of well-being

Fire In The Pulpit!

Characteristics of Revival Preaching Revival Preaching is Visionary Revival men look beyond what is to what can be! God told Ezekiel to preach to a valley of dry bones and they were very dry. This man of God followed the Lord’s directives and saw a miraculous revival in a bone yard. He was more than an analyst, more than a diagnostician; he was a visionary. Jesus said, If thou canst believe, thou

Obedience: Key To Revival

Clinging to known sin, while pretending to seek revival is an exercise in futility. No one is totally consistent, but double-mindedness/half-heartedness gains no favor from God. Don’t expect the windows of heaven to open up if you are practicing incomplete obedience. God is unlikely to override your defiance. Years ago my wife and I were privileged to arrive at a “revival-ready” church. This was a

The Winds Of Revival!

Mount Airy Maryland What a time the Lord gave us in Mt. Airy, MD April 22-29! Starting in January, Pastor Wally Webster led the church in a three month emphasis on personal revival in preparation for the meetings. This included prayer, extensive handouts, preaching, and encouragement. Prior to the meetings, the church had a Men’s Retreat with 150 men in attendance. No golf, no games—only serious preaching

Post Christian Christianity

Believers are upset because America is now said to be a “Post-Christian nation.” This is bad enough, but far worse are the indications we are living in the era of Post-Christian Christianity. General William Booth foresaw the day in which we live. He said, “I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness

Revival Defined

One of the most fascinating things about revival is that there are varied points of emphasis which all contribute to a desired end. It is quite interesting to see how different men of God have highlighted these points from their own perspective. This list is not an endorsement of men or ministries, but simply a collection of various statements about revival that are well worth considering. T.S

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