“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel.” (1 Pet. 3:7)

Peter writes that part of our responsibilities as a husband is to dwell with our wives according to knowledge. I suppose men have always felt that “you just can’t understand women.” Apparently God sees it differently and commands us to dwell with them based on knowledge. In the first place, God is telling us to remember that we are believers. We are to dwell with our wives and not divorce them or walk away from them. In Peter’s day, divorce was quite common, and men often walked away from their wives. God is telling us that as Christian men, we should behave differently. We are also to grow in our Christian duties as a husband. We are to continually be learning about how to be the right kind of husband and how to be in love with our wives the way Christ loved the church. It is a “tall order” that requires divine empowerment. It is also a recipe for a delightfully blessed and happy marriage.

Peter is also telling us that in our interaction and relationship with our wife, we are to be continually growing in our knowledge of who she is, why she does the things she does, and how we can love her and lead her in the process. He especially tries to help us in two areas. The first is that she needs honor and the second is that she is a weaker vessel.

Your wife needs you to honor her. Notice that “honor” is something that is given. It is visible. It is demonstrated. It means you seek to exalt and elevate her. It means you sacrifice your personal interests to bring about her best interests. Remember that God designed your wife to need you! She needs your gentleness, your care, and your understanding. Think about these ways you could show her honor and try to think of others that will minister to your wife.

  • You can devote some time to listen to her. Determine to turn off the TV and listen. Invest some time each day and let her know you care about her.
  • You can express thankfulness for meals, clean laundry, and a tastefully decorated house.
  • You could stand before a meal and help seat her when she comes to the table.
  • You can protect her from overextending herself. Sometimes she needs you to say no for her.
  • Be aware of her needs. Help her to get a nap when she needs one. Protect her from the kids by giving her a break while you invest some time in them.

This chapter was written by Evangelist Dave Young

The chapter is taken from The Extraordinary HusbandCLICK HERE for more details.


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