Overcoming Stigma

From a human perspective,
even Jesus had a questionable past. His mother, Mary, was pregnant though
unmarried. Only Mary and God knew the truth about His conception. Jesus grew up
with this. The opinions of others did not matter to Him. Throughout His life He
overcame a cesspool of human scorn and slanderous remarks about His character.
Jesus never looked back. There’s not a single scripture to suggest that He ever
brought up His background or apparent limitations.

Do you have self-doubts?
If so, they may be due to a limited education, poverty, losing a loved one
while young, an alcoholic or abusive parent, or guilt over past mistakes.
Remember that Jesus overcame a terrible stigma.

So never build your future
around your past. Your scars speak more about your healing than the initial
wound! Instead of rehearsing the hurt, rejoice that you have been healed. Stop
talking about the people who failed you. Quit pointing your finger at your
human limitations. Don’t advertise your pain. Stop obsessing over your flaws.
Everybody has limitations. All men are handicapped in some way: physically,
mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Quit bellyaching and complaining.
Instead, access the grace of God that is available to you.

Stop tripping over your
past and focus on your future. Jesus overcame the awful stigma of a
questionable background, and so can you!

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  1. Donald BehelerMay 23, 2019

    Thanks, Harold!


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