Problems Are Wonderful?

Problems are opportunities.

Problems are the key to your future.

Your success depends upon your willingness to help other people solve their problems. Your happiness in life is proportionate to your effectiveness in assisting others. Your financial well-being is the result of problem-solving. Contractors solve building problems. Cooks solve hunger problems. Teachers solve knowledge problems. Your rewards in life are the result of serving, and solving problems for others.

Every person on earth is designed and created to be a problem solver. You must discern your giftedness and abilities. What brings you joy? What brings a sense of fulfillment within you? What are you good at? What do you do that naturally benefits others? Your spiritual
DNA is accurate for your assignment. As you identify your capacities, you must spend your time using these strengths to aid others.

Jesus went about doing good. He solved all kinds of problems. He offered forgiveness of sins and freedom from guilt. He healed those who were sick. He set the demon-possessed free. He offered joy and inner peace. His was a life of service.

You are not an accident. You were put on earth to make a contribution. You were designed for a specific task. You are the solution to somebody’s problem. You are the reward that somebody has been looking for. Find those who need what you have to offer. Build your life around your gift.

Problems are “wonderful” in the sense that they are the gateway to your destiny. You don’t want to be remembered for the problems you caused, but for the problems you solved. YOU ARE GOOD AT SOMETHING! So discern it and get busy. Joy is the fruit of fulfilling your purpose.

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  1. Bruce McAllisterMay 17, 2019

    Now this is a very good and accurate article! Thank you!


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