Audio: Jack Palmer

“No Nation will ever be any stronger than its families.” Because the family is the foundation of society! And without a doubt, the family of the 90's is having to deal with pressures like few preceding generations. The problem is, we are not dealing with them very well. With a divorce rate nearing 60%, is it any wonder we are suffering from a severe case of internal deterioration here in America? With these serious concerns in mind, Rev. and Mrs. Jack Palmer of Rossville, Illinois travelled in a full-time ministry teaching the principles of the Bible for family living. Their ministry is known as VICTORIOUS FAMILY LIVING. They are committed to helping preserve the home and family values, based on the Word of God, that have been the mainstay of our traditional, American way of life from its beginning. For thirty years, Brother Palmer pastored independent Baptist churches in five states before beginning this unique ministry in 1990. He and his wife June have been married over thirty-nine years. They have raised four children and have eight grandchildren.