Peace in the Palace – Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

Perhaps you have heard it said that “A man’s home is his castle.”

Begin to consider your home a palace, where your wife is the queen. Life in the modern world is full of stress, misunderstandings, rudeness, and tension. Traffic jams, crowded stores, emotional confrontations, endless obligations and appointments are realities in our society. Coupled with this are the health crises every family faces at some point. Everyone needs a place of tranquility and calm. You can exercise your authority to bring harmony into your palace.

Your nest may be full, or it may be empty, but everyone longs for a nest without thorns. The bondage of people-expectations and the criticisms of others can rob us of peace. Your home should be a balm of comfort, not a boiling pot or a battle-field. We all need an Oasis from the discouragements of life. A non-critical climate is necessary for the peace-able fruit of righteousness.

  1. Choose Your Friends Carefully. You had no choice in selecting the family you were born into, but you get to choose your friends. Friends should aid you in your quest, not cause distraction or disruptions. As Thomas Watson said, “Association begets assimilation.” You will grow in the likeness of those you allow admittance into your life. Friends should Feed and Fuel your mission on earth.
  2. Lose Wrong Friends Intentionally. It is possible to outgrow your friends. Let’s face it; the people who are going nowhere always want you to go along with them. When relationships grow toxic, it is time to move on. People who poison your purity, distract your focus, and cause continual agitation are not helping you love God or your family. Often, women have a strong sense of discernment and can detect phoniness or duplicitous motives. You must carefully guard your arena of friendships. The people you allow close access to your life must qualify themselves. I am not talking about refusing to minister to all sorts of persons. However, your intimate acquaintances ought to be moving toward the same destination as yourself.
  3. Make Your Palace a Criticism-free Zone. You don’t have to look very far to find a “career-critic.” They are the ones who can catalog everybody’s faults, except their own. Someone said, “Small men talk about people. Great men talk about ideas.” Titus 3:2 says, “Speak evil of no man”. Of course, there are times when you and your wife need to evaluate relationships and discuss situations, but your habit of speech should focus on things that are good, pure, just, honest, and virtuous (Phil. 4:8).
  4. Manage Your Finances Wisely. Living above your means is a recipe for disaster. Biblical stewardship calls for having our homes in order financially. Develop a budget. Pay your bills. Plan for the day when you are no longer able to earn a living. God’s people need to have financial life-goals in order to avoid becoming wards of the state. John Wesley preached a sermon on The Use of Money. He said, “Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.”
  5. Discuss Family Issues. Don’t ignore problems. Freely speak about the concerns with your children, parents, work, church, or whatever. Ask your wife’s counsel on matters of concern. Listen to her point of view. Develop a team-spirit by facing these issues openly and honestly. Conduct yourself as the “priest” of your home. Give the needed oversight as you sail through stormy seas. Speak peace. Pray peace. Practice peace.


  • What actions do you need to take to de-stress your home?
  • Do you need a heart-to-heart discussion with your wife about the past, present, or future?

Taken from “The Extraordinary Husband”. CLICK HERE for more information.

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