The Establishment…

The “establishment” consists of those who have risen to leadership positions within a group, organization, or governing body. Over time power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This holds true in politics, religion, media, business, organized labor, and ecclesiastically. Listed below are characteristics that may help explain the indolence which is inherent in so many facets of our society.  

The Establishment…

  1. Puts their own interests above their constituents.
  2. Ignores the foundational documents from which they derive their power.
  3. Routinely break promises without a twinge of conscience.
  4. Will bully and pressure others in the group to comply in order to maintain their control.
  5. Yields to peer pressure from within the establishment to maintain their standing instead of standing on principal and calling out falsehood. Groups who talk about “getting back to core principles” don’t have any. If they did, they would not have forsaken them in the first place.
  6. Refuse any disciplinary measures on fellow-members who violate morality or accepted standards. By the way, if local churches refuse God’s mandate of discipline on members living in defiant and open sin, don’t expect other institutions to operate with integrity. Churches will never function as the “conscience of society” as long as they have no convictions. Convictions “without teeth” are merely preferences.
  7. Is comprised of a “good ol’ boy” network. It is so ingrown as to repel rectification.
  8. Despises and routinely ignore outsiders.
  9. Are obsessed with power. Never forget it was the “orthodox religious establishment” that called for the crucifixion of Jesus. His kingdom was not of this world, but their kingdom was solely of this world! Jesus posed a threat and had to be eliminated.
  10. Forfeits the future health and perpetuity of the institution for immediate personal gain, comfort, and peace.
  11. Has no intention of self-correction. It cannot be reformed—it must be replaced.
  12. Has forfeited the ability to lead. It is not that they “will not” lead—they lack the courage, character, and capacity to lead. They have sold out to the structural inertia.
  13. Tells the constituents what they want to hear while never implementing the things they say. They talk “conservative” and govern as “liberals.”
  14. Will ultimately give an account for their duplicity.

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