How To Recover From Loss

There are seasons of LOSS that come to every life. Nobody lives on planet earth without losing some-THING, or some-ONE, at some point.

  1. Adam and Eve recovered from the loss of Able. God gave them Seth.
  2. Job and his wife recovered from the loss of ten children. God gave them more.
  3. Elisha recovered from the loss of Elijah. He got a double portion of Elijah’s Spirit.
  4. The Israelites recovered from the loss of Moses. God gave them Joshua.
  5. David recovered after losing his purity. His repentance brought restoration.
  6. Peter recovered from the loss of character after denying the Lord. Bitter tears washed his soul clean.
  7. John Mark recovered from the loss of ministry. He got re-assigned.
  8. The disciples recovered from the loss of Jesus. They received His Holy Spirit.

God is a RECOVERY specialist. Be it GRIEF or GUILT from sinful choices—Grace knows the way back!

  1. Be patient with yourself. If you’ve lost a person or a relationship, give yourself time to grieve through it. Time is a healer.
  2. Be honest with yourself if you have failed. Take your sins and plunge them beneath the blood of Jesus. Never forget that whatever the Light reveals, the blood can heal.

OK, you need a COMEBACK. Leave what you have lost. Move on to the “next thing.” When you close one chapter, don’t close the book. It’s time to start writing another chapter. Stop looking back. Start looking forward to the future. Pray, Plan, and Prepare for tomorrow. As you progress, your emotions will catch up with you.

Harold Vaughan

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