Ours is the day of cultural accommodation, and bridled Biblical articulation. Definitive and pointed preaching has fallen on hard times. For decades huge segments of American Christianity has bent the Bible around culture instead of bending culture around the Bible. High-profile leaders, religious media and periodicals, the never-ending compromise of denominations and movements, and genial ministers have combined to develop a brand of religiosity that bears little resemblance to the faith of our fathers.

And even worse is the deluge of outright disobedience from many who profess allegiance to the Scriptures. Pragmatism has been the ruling philosophy for decades. And it has fostered incalculable compromise and corruption. Lip-service without life-application rings hollow. When denominational and group loyalty usurps Christ’s Lordship, it marks a story of untold tragedy. More damage has been done to the Kingdom by its adherents than by its critics. Prophets in the Old Testament, and apostles in the New Testament, identified the sins of the saints by name and called for immediate repentance. Popularity, personality, and politics have never been a consideration for God’s true spokesmen.

SELF-CENSORSHIP happens when people who have knowledge of sin within the camp choose to remain silent rather than address matters biblically. Long before the government and culture began to censure Truth speech, many in the ranks of Christendom censored themselves by refusing to deal with known sin. WOKE leaders are simply Willing to Overlook Known Evil. Spiritual laryngitis has been so prevalent for so long that few even see it as an issue. That’s why so many churches are as calm as “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” instead of a battleground for truth.

Regardless of affiliation, anyone who still possesses any thinking capacity is aware of attempts to whitewash the dark stains which should have been brought to the light. The shadowy business of covering sin has been, and still is, a blight on the faith community.

SELF-ADVANTAGE is the reason for this conspiracy of silence. When shepherds, staff members, deacons, elders, and church members turn a blind eye in order to maintain position and status; they like Judas have sold out Christ. Their “thirty pieces of silver” is not financial, but preserving their place at the table. Fidelity to the LORD takes a back seat in order to maintain favor and forward their standing. The verbal gymnastics required to put forth the image of a “strong stand” while doing nothing for the cause of Truth reminds me of many neutered politicians who talk from both sides of their mouth. Just about every election cycle we hear “conservative talk” for the purpose of getting re-elected. This is normally followed with capitulation, and inaction. This same pattern of duplicity has transformed many congregations into a social halls where the glory departed long ago.

SELF-COMFORT is the road most traveled. But much of the New Testament focuses on the needed correction that is required on the “narrow way.” Confrontation is mentioned often in Scripture. Taking up the Cross is the opposite of accommodation, comfort, and ease. But cross-bearing is the New Covenant mandate for all disciples. When self-comfort displaces self-denial, a serious concession has occurred. The early Christians paid with their very lives because they refused to bow to Caesar.

Zeal for the Father’s house drove Jesus to radical action. He was so stirred that He took a whip and drove the money-changers out of the Temple. He was not the least bit concerned about public opinion, or public acceptance. His passion, fervor, and intensity demonstrated His unfaltering devotion to God’s name and Kingdom.

In this age of expedience it is encouraging to find those who take a stand, and are willing to pay a price. Hats off to the hundreds of United Methodist churches who finally pulled away from their apostate hierarchy. They may have been late in coming, but thankfully they drew a biblical line and finally sided together with Scripture for Truth’s sake.

It boils down to this: we are either principled individuals who practice Truth, or turncoats. There is no middle ground. The demands of discipleship have not changed. Utter abandonment to Christ and death to self, are the Savior’s requirements for all His followers. Real Christianity never parallels the culture. It is inherently counter-cultural. And holiness is the distinguishing feature which marks principled men and women.

What might happen if judgement began in the house of the Lord? Who can predict what kind of revival might follow in the wake if Self-censorship, Self-advantage, and Self-comfort were all renounced?

But regardless of all possible outcomes, Kingdom saints must always choose Principle over Expediency… ALWAYS.

Harold Vaughan


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