Is Your Quiet Time Too Quiet?

After my conversion I heard many speak about their “quiet time.” They were referring to their practice of withdrawing to a peaceful setting where they could read the Bible and pray. But the phrase “quiet time” always struck me as an odd way to describe devotions. 

Yes, God speaks in a still, small voice—but He does SPEAK! Your quiet time should never be a “silent time.” If you are doing all the talking, then your quiet time is “too quiet.”

Prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. As the Holy Spirit speaks to us through His Word, we in turn speak back to Him. He inspires thoughts, desires, and vision. As we interact with Him, He gives us more quickening, more promptings, more holy aspirations, and more supplications. In prayer we verbalize the content in our hearts and clarify our assignment. 

Our hearts are drawn out in praise. We express our appreciation and adoration and He reveals Himself to us in ways only the “spirit-man” within us can discern. 

Having a quiet time is far different than “checking off a box.” The purpose of devotions is not to get through with it, but to “get through” to God. I believe it was Andrew Murray who said the goal in Morning Prayer is to secure the presence of Christ for the whole of the day.

Our speaking to God is a not timid affair. We are encouraged to come BOLDLY. Many praying people in the Bible came desperately, fervently, and loudly. They “wept” and “cried out” to the LORD. Meditation and contemplation are wonderful, but prayer is more than mulling things over in our minds. Prayer is verbal communication from man to God. (This tame, little ole-lady variety of prayer is one reason few men attend prayer meetings. Who wants to listen to the same-old requests being rehearsed week after week without supernatural interventions?)

A hot heart in prayer will make your praying more than a quiet time. It will become an exciting time of face-to-face interaction between you and Almighty God. O to hear God speak LOUD and CLEAR while we speak with Him!

Prayer: “Holy Spirit, teach me to pray!”

Harold Vaughan 


  1. Dogara CSeptember 18, 2015

    When there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.

    Thumbs up!

  2. Obie L. GravesMay 14, 2015

    This message presents a challenge to sincerely fellowship with God, our Father. Following the first paragraph, each paragraph is impregnated with powerful revelation knowledge, which has no limits. The thought of communications with God initiates a flow of thanks and praises. Hallelujah!
    Thanks Mr. Harold Vaughan for your timely message.

  3. Dan CarfreyMay 7, 2015

    Amen and Amen!

  4. Tony Monterusso May 7, 2015

    Bro Vaughan, what an enlightening incite. I had never thought of my quiet time with God in that way before, but, I believe like you, we trivialize it sometimes. I’ve heard it to be said sometimes that we don’t pray to get God’s attention, but that we pray because we as His people have His attention. All to often we forget that. As for the same old prayer over and again, how many a parent prayed for their kid to be saved, and with the right heart and godly example, had that prayer answered. God still answers prayer, whether we like the way He does it or not and the time He takes to answer our prayers, we have to remember our ways are not His ways, our thoughts are not His thoughts. It’s high time that we as the men of the church stand and take prayer seriously! The church is losing ground for our lack of faith. Pray God for our unbelief! He is good because He is God, He is God because He is good!

  5. PennyMay 6, 2015

    O to be free from the fear of man and be thrilled with the presence of God SO MUCH that my words of praise and adoration pour fourth from me as I meet with others to pray. Thanks for encouraging blog!


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