You Might Be A Pharisee If…

  • You are glad you are better than others.
  • Your prayers are more like “self-talk” than speaking with God.
  • Your sins seem so small when placed beside the really BIG sins of others.
  • You rationalize that Christians who don’t agree with you are all “compromisers.”
  • You routinely dismiss anyone who would dare to point out a “blind spot.”
  • You verbally rip apart the people who disagree with you.
  • You rehearse your virtues when you should be confessing your sin.
  • You take delight in checking off your religious “to do” list.
  • The standard you use to judge others is “you.”
  • Prayer is more about you and your perception than about God and His praise.
  • You assume your discipline and “preciseness” indicates true spirituality.
  • Your memory is excellent when it comes to remembering your good works.
  • You glory more in appearance than in heart.
  • You are obsessed with externals, but blind to the internal reality of your own soul.
  • Outward righteousness is more important than heart holiness.
  • You find it difficult to fellowship with those different from yourself.
  • You believe you are superior to others.
  • You keep a list of your religious activities on the tip of your tongue.
  • You justify yourself by condemning others.
  • You build up yourself and your group by tearing others down.
  • You despise people who do not hold your convictions.
  • Your conscience is silent when you accuse and verbally abuse God’s people.
  • You excuse your arrogant behavior because you hold to “the correct position.”
  • You call your uncanny ability to catalog the faults of others “discernment.”
  • You thank God you are not as other men.
  • You really like to hear yourself pray.
  • Your sense of self-importance blinds you to the fact of how repulsive you are to others.
  • You always come out in a favorable light when you compare yourself with other men.
  • You feel your anger is justified because you are right and those you are angry with are wrong.
  • You cling to “emotional infallibility” – the belief that whatever you feel in your heart must be correct.
  • You believe a person really pleases God by keeping all the rules.
  • Your theological “rigidity” is more important than all other factors.
  • You feel the trail of broken relationships in your past is due to some fault in the other parties.
  • You visually and intellectually comply in order to gain acceptance and approval.
  • You are so caught up in your own circle that you will do anything to maintain your reputation.
  • You are dominated by the fear of man.
  • You are insulted by the notion you may be a Pharisee

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