Reverse Phariseeism

Reverse racism was a term used to denote minorities who were prejudiced against the majority. There are two sides to every coin. Those who overreact to “Phariseeism” are in the ditch as well; albeit their ditch is on the other side of the road! You may be guilty of Reverse Phariseeism if: You think anyone with higher standards than you is a “legalist.” You have stretched the “narrow gate” that

You Might Be A Pharisee If…

You are glad you are better than others. Your prayers are more like “self-talk” than speaking with God. Your sins seem so small when placed beside the really BIG sins of others. You rationalize that Christians who don’t agree with you are all “compromisers.” You routinely dismiss anyone who would dare to point out a “blind spot.” You verbally rip apart the people who disagree with you. You

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