We all carry our own personal atmosphere with us wherever we go. All of us live in an environment, be it peace or anger, joy or sadness, hope or despair. Just like individuals and churches have a “personality,” so do marriages. There are things that you do, or don’t do, that create the atmosphere in...

Cultural Vs. Biblical Churches

You attract what you are... right? Churches tend to assimilate people who look alike, think alike, vote alike, dress alike, sound/sing alike, earn alike, sin alike, etc., right? So what about the mixture of nationalities and cultures that comprised the early church: Greeks, Jews, Barbarians, Scythians, etc. (see Col. 3:11)? How were they able to unite such cultural diversity in this new organism called the church?

Contemporary Schismatics…

"Heretic" means divider or one who causes schism. We think of modern heresy-hunters as those who sniff out doctrinal error and expose it. But Biblically speaking, heretics are those who bring needless division. They use a magnifying glass to discover blemishes, or points of disagreement, in and with others.

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