Principled men are at a premium in an age of expediency. When pragmatism is the ruling philosophy in a society, it is rare to find anyone who does not cave in. In the days of king Nebuchadnezzar, he signed a degree requiring all citizens to bow down at certain times in obeisance before his image....


 Genesis is the book of beginnings. Everything we see in our world today had its origin “in the beginning”. The Creator fashioned the heavens and the earth. Then He brought forth all creatures, both great and small. Next he formed man out of the dust of earth, and breathed into him the breath of life. Adam was the crown jewel of creation. God designed him as...

Go For The Men

It has been said, “If you preach to women, you’ll reach women. If you preach to children, you’ll reach children. If you preach to men, you’ll reach men, women, and children.” The typical program-based church has an endless array of “ministries.” Normally, they will have children’s programs galore, a ladies’ ministry, youth group, pre-school/daycare, sports teams, Sunday School for all ages, and maybe a Christian school. Does it strike you a bit odd that the only group left out of the line-up is the men?

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