Bad Moon Rising? – Update: THE BAD MOON HAS RISEN!

When the Freeloaders outnumber the Freedom-lovers… When perversion ascends to normalcy… When half of the population despises our entire history… When the victim-class “blame” instead of accepting responsibility… When hatred for traditional values and institutions become mainstream… When churches have a form of Godliness but no power—hard times lie ahead.

No nation rises above the character of its citizens. The “swamp” is not limited to the ruling class. They reflect the people who elected them. Christians must stop listening to the anger-mongers, and evaluate life from heaven’s perspective.

It’s time for God’s people to get back to eternal things. It’s time for timid pastors to start leading their congregations in the “paths of righteousness.” Its past time to call out the extremes and excesses in our own groups. It’s time for shepherds to call their own churches to REPENTANCE. It’s time to “pluck out eyes” and “cut off hands.” It’s time to stop this tradition-worshiping nonsense. Its time to trash the “form of godliness” that possesses no force. It’s time to quit politicking and turn from “our” wicked ways. It’s high time for leaders to find a backbone and confront the blatant corruption in churches and organizations. It’s time to place a greater emphasis on Theocracy than Democracy!

Frankly, I hear hardly anyone issuing scriptural warnings. The “blind” have led the “blind” into an ecclesiastical ditch, and the blindness is so pervasive that no one can discern that we are in the pit!

All the “Rah-rah”, rhetoric, rants, and ridiculous pet doctrines should be flushed—IMMEDIATELY. Instead of trying to save a nation, we should change our ways and restore the honor that is due to God’s name and God’s house. The un-confronted sin in most churches is a slap in the face of God. Instead of considering possible outcomes, we should obey the Word of God—NO MATTER WHAT! We need to get out of the “public relations” business, and “do right.”

Holiness is a reflection of God’s nature. Compromise reflects the character of Satan. A powerless pulpit is a sham. American Christianity, for the most part, lines up with the synagogue of Satan. It parallels a deviant culture instead of intersecting it. So let’s stop trying to reform the culture and start preaching to TRANSFORM our members, not just inform them.

I know we’re grieving the death of our nation, but there’s a higher cause here. God is being dishonored in His church, and this needs to stop. God’s name, God’s kingdom, and God’s will supersede the Kingdom of Man.

Even with a Bad Moon Rising, the Sun of Righteousness can overshadow all this chaos. I’m not talking about salvaging free enterprise, I’m talking about restoring God’s glory among His people.

“Even so come Lord Jesus, and visit us for Your Name’s sake!”


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