The main thing that distinguishes God from everything else is His HOLINESS. Compromised “Church-ianity” has been relentless in its attempt to bring God down to the human level, and raise man up to the divine level. Humanizing God and deifying man has minimized sin in the minds of church goers. Self-esteem, positive thinking, psychological coping...


When the Freeloaders outnumber the Freedom-lovers… When the Communists get more votes than the Capitalists… When transgenderism rises to normalcy… When half of the population despises our entire history… When the victim class “blame” instead of accepting responsibility… When hatred for traditional values and institutions become mainstream—hard times lie ahead. The last wave of “drain...


God established boundaries, even in Paradise. Adam and Eve were commanded not to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This God-ordained boundary was for their protection. Disobediently eating the fruit from this tree would bring certain and immediate death. Today’s “grace teaching” has been distorted to unimaginable depths. All boundaries have...

Promoting Irresponsibility

To say that character and discipline are out of vogue would be an understatement. Ours has become a culture that caters to the irresponsible. In children’s sports participation awards have replaced trophies for winning. Forced equal outcomes in childhood are preparing this generation for the coming socialistic takeover.

The Church Of The MANAGEABLE God

Institutional churches resort to a manageable god—one who stays in his place. A manageable god patiently overlooks the elevation of man’s tradition over the commandments of God. He never overwhelms with a sense of frightening holiness. Such a docile deity is just as much a fabrication of man’s imagination as Dagon was the fabrication of a man’s hands.

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