We have reached a point of division where reconciliation is neither desired by many, or perhaps possible. The societal tremors in recent years signal the coming earthquake. The culture war is largely lost, and the winner will take all.

Life and liberty are being replaced with restrictions and control. The transformation of America is taking place before our eyes.

Good-bye democracy—Hello bureaucracy. Our nation has been changing at warp speed. But “Transforming America” was never about improvement. It was, and is about, changing the very fabric of society. Roosevelt spoke about “the great society.” The goal now is to usher in a global society.

Ideological Transformation
The divisions in our country are profound. A secular worldview will not tolerate “One nation under God…” The biblical God must be expunged from our history and culture. 

Economic Transformation
In economic terms “fairness” equates to equal outcomes irregardless of effort. Obamacare initiated one of the largest wealth transfers in U. S. history. Inflation is another tool to prevent working people from making their own way.

Philosophical Transformation
The “land of opportunity” has become the land of dependency. Only 48% of the people in the U.S. are employed.

Functional Transformation
Law and order gave way to cultural chaos.
Energy independence gave way to dependency upon our enemies.
The land of plenty is becoming the land of want.

Racial Transformation
Our national identity is being transformed. In order to reform the makeup of our citizenry, President Biden has brought in millions of illegals. This goes along with his stated objective of making people of European descent a minority.

Political Transformation
Think about it, our legislators can’t even produce a budget.
Environmentalism is the latest tool to implement worldwide socialism. “Climate change” is a means to destroy the West.
Obama sent billions of dollars to Iran.
The current administration just sent six billion more to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.
Islamic terrorists are committed to the death of Israel and America. Soon the demonized, radical Islamists will be portrayed as victims by leftists.

Major shifts are playing out. Changes are coming. When the leaders of a nation despise the nation they are leading, a new order cannot be far away.

Abraham was so burdened for Lot that he plead repeatedly with God to spare Sodom. His last appeal was that if only ten righteous could be found, the city would be spared. We are at a point where we must cry out using every biblical precedent for divine intervention.

More than ever we should be united in fervent prayer—”Your kingdom come on earth as in heaven.” Who knows what a difference the sincere heart-cry of humble saints can make? Let’s join hearts and hands for spiritual awakening and outpourings of the Spirit, both here and abroad.


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