The whole body [in Christ is] fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part. Ephesians 4:15–16

Each member of the body has a specific function: eyes see; ears hear; legs walk; noses smell; brains think. Healthy body parts carry out their tasks and contribute to a person’s satisfying existence on earth. It is this synchronization, with each component in its place that makes life whole, or complete. Ephesians 4:16 speaks about our places in the body of Christ. This analogy can also pertain to our families.

Every person has unique strengths, gifts, capabilities, and abilities. Happy is the individual who knows what he or she is good at. I believe everybody should become an expert at one thing in life. God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” (Jer. 1:5). The weeping prophet had a specific assignment: prophet to the nations. We do not decide our assignments, we discover them. Each of us was created for a unique purpose. We are genetically accurate for our own assignments. We have all the equipment we need to carry out our missions. Of course we have to prepare, hone our skills, learn, and grow, but we are outfitted at birth with everything we need to fulfill our missions.

Husbands have an assignment: love and lead.

Wives have an assignment: be a helpmeet and completer.

Children have an assignment: honor and obey.

These primary and universal tasks form the blue-print for a happy home. But every family member must discover his or her own personal assignment. Every husband and wife must discern his or her capabilities and employ them to the fullest.

Members of harmonious households not only recognize and appreciate one another’s gifts; they also utilize them. They work together as teams. We must direct each person in our homes to play to their strengths and let each family member do what he or she is good at doing. An organization is no stronger than its weakest link. Attempting to force individuals to perform in areas in which they have no ability leads to frustration and friction. The book of Proverbs instructs parents to train up a child according to the tenor of his way (see Prov. 22:6). We are to direct every child into the way he should go—develop his strong points. We do our children a great service by assisting them in pursuing suitable paths. My wife is a gifted servant. All our children have organizational skills. Our family was fortunate to be able to minister together in itinerant ministry. Each family member was given responsibilities consistent with his or her capabilities. The impact on churches was multiplied because we all brought something different to the table. Working together increased our influence.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a miserable conductor but a marvelous music writer. His orchestrations were genius, but he lacked the ability to conduct those compositions. Through many difficult experiences, he learned this and adapted to fit his abilities. He never would have achieved success if he had insisted on conducting. He ascertained and limited himself to his assignment, which enabled him to attain his full potential.

An orchestra is a marvel of cooperation. Each instrument has its place and function. When executed correctly under the guidance of a gifted conductor, beautiful harmony is the result. God wants our families to harmonize, each member “fitly joined together”—each member in his or her place. We should not try to do something we were not created to do. We should be the people God designed us to be. Fulfillment in life is found by pouring ourselves into our own assignments—our callings.

As husbands and wives, we must learn to evaluate ourselves. We must help one another discern each other’s uniqueness. Rewards in life come because of our differences, not because of our correspondence to others. Similarity brings comfort, but it’s our distinctiveness that brings our donations to the world. When a man and wife get a grip on their respective roles and functions, they become a combined force for God and for good. Their homes bring beautiful music into a chaotic world.

Action Points

  1. Have you embraced your personal assignment?
  2. Is your vocation in line with your natural proclivities?
  3. What adjustments are needed to bring your home into harmony with your personal callings?

This chapter was written by Evangelist Harold Vaughan.

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