Home Improvement: Keys to Building a Happy Home


Written by Harold Vaughan & Dave Young

What is the atmosphere in your home? Busy, disordered, distracted—or filled with the vitality that comes from the presence of God? In today’s world, we and our children are bombarded with messages contrary to God’s truth. But our God is a happy God, and He desires us to have joy-filled homes.

In this book of thirty readings, Harold Vaughan and Dave Young walk through Paul’s instructions for the family in the book of Ephesians and encourage us to revive our hearts and homes in Christ. A revived spirit, in turn, will deeply impact family relationships. As we apply the principles and promises from Ephesians, our lives and families will be strengthened—and the result will be happy Christian homes.

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Home Improvement: Keys to Building a Happy Home

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Weight 7.2 oz

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