• True leaders don’t seek power. True leaders seek to empower others.
  • True leaders are not remembered by the etching on their headstones. They are remembered for the impression they left on human hearts.
  • True leaders find the problem that they were created to solve, and dedicate their lives to rectifying that problem. 
  • True leaders sacrifice personal comfort for the public good.
  • True leaders do not seek followers. They attract followers.
  • True leaders never project their own insecurities by attempting to dominate others.
  • True leaders discover their gift and use it to benefit others.
  • True leaders do what is correct instead of what is convenient.
  • True leadership is not determined by the number of people who serve you, but the number of people you serve.
  • True leaders inspire others instead of manipulating them.
  • True leaders are never remembered for their compromise. They remembered for their non-negotiable convictions.
  • True leaders are servants, not showmen.

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Evangelist Harold Vaughan is the founder of Christ Life Ministries, Inc. To date, his ministry has led him to preach in forty-eight states and many foreign countries. Click on "ABOUT" in the menu bar to learn more about Harold.
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