You may remember the Catholics and Evangelicals Together document that made headlines a few years back. Since it was penned, we have witnessed the acceleration of the absorption of what is now called “evangelicalism” into religion of Rome. Hence, the term Evangelics that describes those who seek to amalgamate two irreconcilable systems. Of course, Cathogelicals, sounds better, but the truth is Catholics are not coming toward saving faith, evangelicals are marching in high gear toward Rome. Evangelics have laid down the sword and taken up the towel to wash the feet of those who deny the saving truth of the New Testament gospel.

Doctrinal truth has given way to mysticism. This should be obvious to any thinking person as Christians by and large no longer sing their doctrines; they prefer to sing their feelings. Eroded doctrinal foundations have been replaced with cunningly devised fables.

Get ready for the evangelical world to lay accolade after accolade on the Pope. One well-known evangelical was quoted in USA Today, “Unquestionably, the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years.” How can the man who heads arguably one of the most corrupt institutions in the history of mankind be called the “the most influential voice for morality?”

The debauchery, deceit, depravity displayed in the worldwide epidemic of child molesting priests does not speak of a voice for morality. The cover-up by the Roman Catholic Church is nothing short of shameless scandal. Allegedly, officials moved perverted priests from one region to another to avoid prosecution, all the while exposing more innocent children to these filthy predators. The abuse was not limited to a few isolated cases. More than 4,300 priests have allegedly abused children. It has been well documented that these incidents have cost the “Church” over 900 million in prosecuting damages. Mind you, that took place under the oversight of the late Pope. In fact, Cardinal Bernard Law, Boston’s former archbishop, allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to continue in the ministry. How did the Pope respond? He promoted Cardinal Law to the position of archpriest of a Rome basilica!

My purpose is not to bash the Pope, rather, to point out how professing “born againers” have lost their moorings. The Roman Catholic Church put to death untold numbers of true Christians over the centuries. Obviously, the type of “faith” the martyrs possessed is patently different from that of modern evangelicalism.

The culture has sunk so low morally that many Christians think we have to overlook differences and join forces with the Catholics, Mormons, etc., in order to stem the tide of wickedness. However, the purpose of Christian churches is not to make the world a safer place from which to go to hell! It is good to be pro-life, but lost pro-lifers end up in the same place as pro-abortionists, unless they get saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

“The time has come to stop praying for the Pope and start praying to the Pope,” so said the commentator on Fox News. Praying to the Saints is foreign to the Bible.

Jesus plainly said, “Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven” (Mat 23:9). The Son of Man said His followers should never call another human their “father.” The true Father is in heaven. And the way to communicate with the heavenly Father is through the name of His Son JESUS CHRIST. You don’t need to go through a priest, a saint, Mary, or any other mediator. In fact, there is no other Mediator than Christ!

When Harold Ockenga outlined a new strategy, which he coined New Evangelicalism, one of his main points was the repudiation of separation. The new modus operandi was infiltration, not separation. The theory was that evangelicals should infiltrate liberal churches and institutions and influence them for good. But instead of converting the liberals, the evangelicals have surrendered truth after truth. Instead of converting the enemy, the enemy has apparently converted them.

Evangelics are not the only ones playing politics. For the record, Fundamentalism is not a political movement that needs to be promoted and protected; it is a spiritual movement that desperately needs to be revived. Standing for the truth in a day of confusion is absolutely essential. But let’s be honest and admit that it is possible to stand for truth with a cold heart and ineffective life.

The spirit of tolerance has swelled to the point that evangelicalism has lost all distinctiveness. Jesus said when the salt loses its savor it is good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men. The armor of God is given that we might be able to stand, not blend. Suit up and stand up for Truth!

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