There has been a steady trend to “grind down” the “sharp edges” of Scripture. Moral truth, as revealed in the Bible, has been downplayed in the countless pulpits. The next few years will expose the deep compromises in religious groups and denominations. The moral landmarks of historic Christianity will be obliterated. All this will sail...

Killing The Prophets

Prophets were emergency men who spoke the heart of God into the people of God. In scripture, "prophesy" has two meanings: fore-telling the future, and forth-telling (speaking) into the present. Scripture states clearly, "Despise not prophesyings" (1 Thes. 5:20).

Fig-Leaf Fallacy

Prior to the Fall, Adam and Eve were unconscious of their nakedness. They had an intense awareness that they were "clothed" with the approval of God, and nothing else mattered. Sin "stripped" their sense of acceptance leaving them only with shame, guilt, and fear. So what did they do?

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