Walk worthy, . . . forbearing one another in love. Ephesians 4:1–2 Aren’t you glad that God’s Word is practical—addressing us exactly where we live in the messy moments of life? To forbear literally means to put up with someone. Forbearance is forgiving, gentle, patient, accommodating, and kind. The Lord is extremely forbearing with us....


There has been a steady trend to “grind down” the “sharp edges” of Scripture. Moral truth, as revealed in the Bible, has been downplayed in the countless pulpits. The next few years will expose the deep compromises in religious groups and denominations. The moral landmarks of historic Christianity will be obliterated. All this will sail...

Right-Wing Flesh

Unmasking a Seldom Suspected Culprit In the Bible, the word “flesh” can refer to a number of things. In some places it is used to describe the physical body. “Flesh” is also used to denote the condition man was left in after the Fall. Flesh is what Man became because of sin as opposed to what God originally created. Man was created a spiritual being with a nature that corresponded to God. Adam and

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