Two Guardrails

You need two guard rails to keep you out of the ditch. Guard rails are simply principled reasons drawn from Scripture to avoid excesses. The RELAXED BRETHREN have erected a guard rail on the right-hand side of the theological highway. This serves to keep them from legalism. The RIGID BRETHREN are equally cautious, only in...

Right-Wing Flesh

Unmasking a Seldom Suspected Culprit In the Bible, the word “flesh” can refer to a number of things. In some places it is used to describe the physical body. “Flesh” is also used to denote the condition man was left in after the Fall. Flesh is what Man became because of sin as opposed to what God originally created. Man was created a spiritual being with a nature that corresponded to God. Adam and

Grace Has a Backbone

Saving grace is not sentimental weakness, it carries crystal clear instructions. God’s grace teaches us to deny ungodliness/lusts; and to live soberly, righteous, and godly on the earth (Titus 2:11-12). Grace without truth, or Truth without grace, are both distortions. Either extreme misrepresents the Lord, and His salvation. Let’s consider the sloppy, slippery, and utterly...

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