Post-America Survival Guide

Understanding Our Times—Knowing What To Do And of the children of Issachar . . . had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.(1 Chronicles 12:32) The men of Issachar were astute men who comprehended their day. They understood where Israel stood in history, how they had gotten there, and possessed the...

Sentimental Religion

The Feminization of American Christianity At the outset it must be clearly stated that “feminine” is a beautiful quality, when found in women. However, the “Feminist Movement” is an entirely different story. There is nothing feminine about the “Feminist Movement!” “Radical Feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come down to us from the sixties,” writes Judge Robert Bork. Feminists…

Calling The Church Back To The Men

For years we have called men back to church. The time has come to call the church back to the men! I was raised in a liberal denomination, saved via a para-church organization, and finally made my way into a Bible-believing church. Having observed first-hand a vast spectrum of Christianity, I feel it is fair to say that a lot of men simply are not at ease in church for a number of reasons. Not only

Wanted: Men Of God!

A Vision for Revived Male Leadership Years ago a businessman read a book titled, Men of God. He was so impressed with it that he wrote the Chicago publisher and ordered 125 copies. The publisher wrote back, “We are completely out of Men of God. Try Grand Rapids.” Chicago said they had no Men of God! Today we are not completely out of Godly men, but there is room for plenty more. The Psalmist prayed

Sissy Men

In order to counter worldly influences, scores of parents made the conscious decision to be “family oriented.” This was prompted by many factors, including the grim statistics among second generation Christians. Desperately concerned for their children, parents are now home schooling around two million children in the United States. Like any reactionary movement, excesses and deficits are not uncommon. I

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