The Path of Victory Part 2

You must Choose to Lose your Life Daily If you have not read "The Path of Victory: Part 1" - CLICK HERE to read it now. William Graham Scroggie said, “In some people’s lives Jesus is present; in other lives he is prominent; but still in other lives, He is preeminent. We all must allow Jesus to be preeminent in our lives.” Center stage can only be occupied by one person at a time. If Jesus is to be

The Path of Victory Part 1

Act on the Fact! Are you repeatedly triumphant and rarely trounced in your spiritual life? Or, are you repeatedly trounced and rarely triumphant? If you are one who has found a consistent “abundant life” to be a bit elusive, but still believe it is possible, then this series of articles may be helpful to you. To enforce the full victory of Calvary we must understand and implement the entire gospel

“SHADOWS” Can Be Good

Life brings shadows. Close proximity is required to fall under a shadow. In Psalm 23 David spoke of passing through the valley of the “shadow of death” (v. 4). And it’s not just death that cast a dark shadow. There are seasons in life where shadows press in upon us. But not all shadows are bad....

The Path Of Victory: Part 3

You Can Be Right Without Feeling Right! If you missed "The Path of Victory: Part 1" CLICK HERE to read it now. If you missed "The Path of Victory: Part 2" CLICK HERE to read it now. Christ’s followers are alluded to as ‘soldiers’ (2 Tim. 2:3). So we should not be surprised when we find there are wars to fight. One of the great battles in the Christian life is coming to grips with the issue of our

Faith Or Fate: Your Future Depends On It!

Awell-known Bible teacher said, “The only reason I pray is because the Bible tells me to pray.” He does not believe his prayers or actions have any bearing on the scheme of things. This man is a fatalist. Since everything is predetermined, then there is no use to pray and believe God, because what will be will be. A fatalist pastor was conducting the funeral of a known homosexual. This pastor had

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