Worried Sick To Worry Free

“Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” “Worry is pulling tomorrow’s clouds over today’s sunshine.” “Worry is the interest paid on trouble before it comes due.” Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m worried sick over . . .?” “Worried sick” may be more than a figure of speech. Worry is a sin that can literally make you sick. Consider all the

The Sixth Sense

Living Beyond the Natural! God has endowed mankind with five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. With these five senses we negotiate the physical world. But the sixth sense is required to operate in the spiritual realm. This sixth sense is Faith. Faith is the only way man can relate to God. He that approaches God must believe that he is (Heb. 11:6). It is through faith that

Demon Faith: Can It Save?

I remember hearing a well-known former Black Panther give his testimony. Standing before thousands of people he said he “looked up at the moon and saw the face of Jesus.” That was his salvation testimony! Since then I, like you, have heard scores of dubious testimonies. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Any faith is better than no faith. It’s better to be a Buddhist than nothing.” When it comes to defining

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