Calling On God

The Equipment for Prayer Huge amounts of money are spent each year to recruit young people to show up at the flagpole of their local schools for prayer. The rage some years ago was to get Christians to pray on the steps of their State Capitol buildings. I recall the lament of one who had been involved in the national prayer movement because the major media gave no coverage to their event. Now the

Hell Insurance?

Re-evaluating Popular Conceptions of Salvation Devolution of language is one sign of a decaying culture. When slang expressions overtake proper wording, precision is lost and understanding is diminished. Remember the stir about Ebonics being taught in public schools? Educators insisted that the ghetto-street language their students grew up with was fine—that students should not be required to learn

Demon Faith: Can It Save?

I remember hearing a well-known former Black Panther give his testimony. Standing before thousands of people he said he “looked up at the moon and saw the face of Jesus.” That was his salvation testimony! Since then I, like you, have heard scores of dubious testimonies. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Any faith is better than no faith. It’s better to be a Buddhist than nothing.” When it comes to defining

Accountability And Revival

The Missing Ingredient in America’s Search for Renewal J.L. Dagg, well-known nineteenth century author, noted, “It has been remarked, that when discipline leaves a church, Christ goes with it.” The deplorably low state of Christianity in America is traceable to the absence of accountability. The pastor of a large church, 2,000 in attendance, informed the church leadership that one of the church leaders

Putting Modern Life In Perspective

COLUMBINE: "Why?" or "Why Not?" Columbine was not the first fatal shooting rampage in a public school, although it is the worst to date. The activated alarm at the Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas became the signal for two boys to open fire on their schoolmates. Eleven-year-old Andrew Golden and thirteen-year-old Mitchell Johnson gunned down their classmates and teachers in a premeditated

Ecumenical Locomotion

How Mythology Has Replaced Theology The Scripture warns that the time will come when men will "not endure sound doctrine" (2 Tim. 4:3). Moreover, Peter spoke of "cunningly devised fables" ( 2 Pet. 1: 16). Paul puts us on notice not to "give heed to fables" (1 Tim. 1:4), and to "refuse profane and old wives' fables" (1 Tim 4:7). He further admonishes Titus not to give "heed to Jewish fables, and commandments

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