The Destructiveness Of Permitted Guilt

Guilt is not an emotional problem, nor a psychological problem, or a mental problem. It is a spiritual problem which requires a spiritual solution.

The capacity for guilt is an evidence of God’s image planted in the human soul. Instinctively, people have a concept of right and wrong which causes their offended conscience to experience pain. The good part about guilt is that it is a schoolteacher which leads us to Christ. When we become aware of our sin, the guilt in our souls cause us to seek forgiveness. After salvation, a chastising conscience leads us to repentance. This is the function of a healthy conscience.

The problem comes when a Christian continues to permit residual guilt. This brings a terrible cloud over the heart and life. The real culprit is not your transgression, but the refusal to BELIEVE and ACCEPT God’s forgiveness. Jesus shed His blood to forgive your sins. The Bible clearly states that if we confess our sin, then God is faithful and just to forgive us. Unless you’re willing to walk by faith, you will never get beyond the guilt in your life.

Here’s the way out from the snare of guilt.

  1. Confess your sin ONCE. Never confess the same sin twice. If you get reminded of your sin after you confess it, it’s not God CONVICTING you, it’s the Devil CONDEMNING you.
  2. THANK God for forgiving you. Thanking God is the first step of faith. When you say “thank you” to God, it’s a sign that you believe that He has forgiven.
  3. Force yourself to vocally praise the Lord. Turning on music that magnifies the LORD will move you from the gutter of guilt to Praise Avenue.

The matter of guilt was resolved at Calvary. Do you believe it?

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