Laodicean Church Age: Matter Of Fact Or Myth?

Challenging the Prevailing Spirit of Unbelief I stood in a church service last night and listened to the testimonies of brokenhearted saints sharing how God had met their hearts in a fresh way. It was thrilling. Openness led to brokenness. Brokenness led to oneness. People were praying, weeping, sharing, getting right with one another, and rejoicing. After the meeting a little boy came and told me

Cultivating The Presence Of God

Bringing the Bridegroom Back The marriage proposal had been accepted. The date for the wedding had been set. Invitations had been mailed and there was great anticipation as the day for the wedding ceremony drew near. A full dress rehearsal took place the night before. Finally, the long-awaited day had arrived. Especially stunning was the bride in her beautiful, new dress. Everything was in place.

When Trials Come

Help In Dealing With Difficulties Dealing with difficulties has never been my strong suit. Therefore the Apostle’s words astound me, “We glory in tribulations; knowing tribulation worketh patience.” The extraordinary pressures that result from following Christ were his delight. Paul had a victorious perspective, “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in...

Practical Atheism

A Problem Nearer Home Than You Think On the way home after church a father noticed his child was whimpering and crying. The father spoke to his child, “Son, what is wrong?” The little boy replied, “The pastor said every child should be raised in a Christian home. But Dad, I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU AND MOM!” Isn’t it amazing how children have an uncanny ability to perceive the human heart? What do you

Calling On God

The Equipment for Prayer Huge amounts of money are spent each year to recruit young people to show up at the flagpole of their local schools for prayer. The rage some years ago was to get Christians to pray on the steps of their State Capitol buildings. I recall the lament of one who had been involved in the national prayer movement because the major media gave no coverage to their event. Now the

Hell Insurance?

Re-evaluating Popular Conceptions of Salvation Devolution of language is one sign of a decaying culture. When slang expressions overtake proper wording, precision is lost and understanding is diminished. Remember the stir about Ebonics being taught in public schools? Educators insisted that the ghetto-street language their students grew up with was fine—that students should not be required to learn

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