A Friend will tell you what you WANT to hear. 
A Mentor will tell you what you NEED to hear.

A Friend will do anything to guarantee your AFFECTION.
A Mentor will do anything to guarantee your SUCCESS. 

A Friend will OVERLOOK your faults. 
A Mentor will help you OVERCOME your faults.

A Friend is concerned with your COMFORT.
A Mentor is concerned with your CHARACTER.

A Friend COVERS your weakness. 
A Mentor CONFRONTS your weakness.

A Friend feels great COMPASSION in his heart toward you.
A Mentor feels great COMPULSION in his spirit to develop you.

Your Friend will seek your COMPANY. 
You must seek your Mentor’s COUNSEL.

Your Friend loves to HANG OUT with you. 
Your Mentor loves to HEAD YOU OUT in the right direction.

A Friend always HAS TIME for you. 
A Mentor will MAKE TIME for you.

Friends may be MANY. 
Mentors will be FEW.


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