“Our church is traditional, and we are not going to grow.” A pastor spoke those words recently. By giving in to what seemed inevitable—he had given up on his future. Words like that become self-fulfilling prophecies. Shepherds who make such statements have resigned their leadership. Content to ride the ship down until it sinks, these churches are not dying, they are ALREADY DEAD. Without faith it’s impossible to please God—and ALL THINGS are possible to those who believe!

Is there hope? Are we doomed to a supposed God-ordained, Laodicean apostasy? Is God to blame for the malaise? Is there a way out?

I believe there is HOPE for all who will humble themselves, turn from unbelief, and become TEACHABLE. It’s not enough to recognize the problem, there must be a willingness to renounce defeatism and adapt according to the Spirit’s leading.

Jesus issued an invitation: “Come and learn of (about and from) me, for I am meek and lowly in heart.” Only the teachable can be taught. Only the leadable will be led. And only the obedient can receive instruction.

Here are three “prayer questions” that can change the destiny of shepherds, people, and churches:

#1. “LORD, what should I SUBTRACT?”
Ask, listen, and Implement.

#2. “LORD, what should I ADD?”
Ask, listen, and Implement.

#3. “LORD, what should I CHANGE?”
Ask, listen, and Implement.

Your current plight need not be permanent. You can be healed from the death gargle of defeatism and defensiveness, and this begins with a renewed mind. There is help, hope, and health for all who are willing to humble themselves before the LORD!

We don’t need “pity” or new methods. We just need the MEEK and HUMBLE Christ to TEACH us, and guide us.

Unbelief leads to oblivion. Immediately reject a mentality of defeat. Cry out to God in self-surrender and desperation. In child-like faith ask these three questions… and proceed as instructed. Wisdom is available for the remainder of our journey. Let’s cease looking to men… and LOOK TO THE LORD.


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