Surviving Dry Spells In Marriage

Every married couple experiences DRY SPELLS. It is not always matrimonial springtime—there are winter seasons as well. And these Dry Spells can affect your emotional and physical relationship. So how do you survive a Dry Spell?

Life consists of Highs, Lows, and Plateaus. Enjoy the Highs. Learn in The Lows. Stay consistent in The Plateaus. Maturity is the ability to remain consistent to your principles long after the emotions have passed. Marriage is a commitment based on a covenant you made with God and your mate. Dry Spells don’t last forever, so hang in during the tough times.

Revitalization of your spiritual relationship with God is often the key to restoring emotional and physical oneness. Vertical realignment has huge implications on the horizontal. When husbands and wives experience spiritual unity it transforms everything. Focusing on Christ empowers couples to minister to one another, instead of the “self.”

During spiritual Dry Spells you have to trust the OMNIPRESENCE of God, not the MANIFEST presence of God. When you have no sense of God’s presence, you trust in His omnipresence. Just because you can’t sense God does not mean He is not there. So during marriage Dry Spells you must proceed “by faith, not by sight.” In other words, you cannot yield to your ever-changing emotions. Go ahead and do what’s right because it is right, and in time it will feel right. It has been said, “You will come a whole lot closer to ACTING your way into feeling than FEELING your way into acting.” If you have lost the feeling of love for your mate, start treating them the way you did when you had strong feelings. Demonstrate kindness, show respect, give gifts, and treat them well. This will reignite your heart and you will begin to have warm feelings again. Never lower yourself to the level of your self-centered feelings.

Rise up, do right, fulfill your commitment, and LOVE your mate. Remember love is a commitment, not just a feeling.—Harold Vaughan

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