Plucked Chicken Nation

When Government Becomes God

Joseph Stalin had a vision of transforming Russia into a Communist/Socialist state. With his hand around a live chicken’s neck, he walked into a room filled with military leaders. As he spoke of his plan he began plucking feathers from this bird. After he had plucked every feather he dropped the half dead, naked chicken to the floor.

You would think the chicken might run and attempt to escape from its tormentor, but just the opposite took place. The chicken huddled between Stalin’s feet for warmth. As he moved around the room the naked chicken followed him for the few crumbs he would throw on the floor in its direction. The featherless fowl somehow felt reliant upon its abuser.

The push toward a socialist utopia is now moving at warp speed under our “transformative” President. To insure equal outcomes, the producers must be punished while the irresponsible are rewarded with more “crumbs.” The system will eventually implode under the demands of an ever-increasing dependant class.


Our country has enjoyed a prosperity unparalleled in human history because freedom provided a platform where diligence and discipline were rewarded.


“Fullness of bread” gave way to apathy as abundance was taken for granted.


The turning away from God, spearheaded by liberal churches, is now in full bloom. Jehovah-Jireh (God our Provider) has been replaced by the secular god of state.


The violence seen in Greece and the Middle East is already here in embryonic form. The recent lawlessness exhibited by the union bureaucrats in Wisconsin is only a shadow of things to come.

There is but a short step from abundance to apathy, a shorter step from apathy to apostasy, and an even shorter step from apostasy to anarchy. Our founders chose the eagle as a fitting symbol for our nation. They did not choose a chicken, much less a naked chicken! “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Ps. 33::12).

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