One Home Under God

The Pathway To A Better Day

In 1607 one hundred and five settlers landed in Jamestown and ALL OF THEM WERE MEN. From the founding of our nation to 1820 men were the leaders, providers, and protectors of their families. These men were self-reliant and self-sufficient. Men of that era lived off the land, built their own houses, and grew their own food. The average family had seven children who were an integral part of the family economy.

The Industrial Revolution took place from 1840-1940. During this period, fathers left the homesteads to work in cities. The influence of men in home and society began to gradually decrease. Women assumed the moral leadership of home, school, church, and social reform. The reason matriarchal influence became dominant was because men had abandoned their roles. An ongoing erosion of manhood has been under way in our nation for the last two hundred years. Strong male leadership has not been the defining feature for many decades.

Most men are so busy today that few have taken an objective look as to where we are and how we got here. We used to sing about “Home, Home on the Range,” but the buffalo quit roaming long ago. Here are some updated words for that well known tune. Home, Home on the Run, Where family members are seeking their fun. Where seldom is heard an authoritative word, And the house is empty all day. Few would deny family life has fallen on hard times, but One Home Under God is a goal to which every man should aspire.

The Marines are not the only ones looking for a few good men — God is too! On his deathbed, David said to Solomon, “I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man” (I Kings 4:2). Today, there is a crying need for men who are masculine, mature, and have moral character. Every home needs a Prophet, Priest, and Patriarch.


In the Old Testament, prophets were the watchmen on the wall. They were men who discerned danger and spoke with clarity. They measured every trend by the plumb line of God’s Word. They were the voice of God in their generation — God’s emergency men!

Every home needs a prophet to guard the family. America’s credo is “unity in diversity.” Sadly our nation continues to slide toward “unity in per-versity!” Gender confusion, role reversals, and the loss of the moral compass mandate the need for an authoritative voice. Mothers are going off into combat while men are staying home to care for children. Godly order has been turned on its head. People of European descent fail to reproduce themselves. Scores of DINK’S (Double Income No Kids) don’t want offspring, while homosexuals are fighting for the right to adopt children. Societies do not repudiate God’s blueprint for the home without incurring serious consequences.

A survey was conducted in a Christian School on the topic What Constitutes Success? The top answers were: win the lottery, become a Rock Star, become a famous actor, get into professional sports, get into the stock market, and think of a great product and sell a million of them. These answers are identical to what you would expect from children raised in atheistic homes.

We live in a generation where most of us have had to mentor ourselves. For a number of reasons, we have grown up with disciplinary and directional deficits. Precious few have been privileged to have fathers who were vitally involved in their lives. Detached parents are little better than absentee parents. Too many children are left to themselves which ultimately leads to shame (Proverbs 29:15).

Like Mordecai told Esther, you and I are come to the kingdom for such a time as this. It is important to comprehend history, but we cannot afford to limit the future by focusing on the past. What’s done is done, but what we do now will determine what happens in the future. Quit looking in the rear view mirror and get your eyes on the goal. Things CAN be different for the next generation. Our God is the God of possibilities!

God calls men to act as prophets in their families. I am not talking about the foolish extremes which alienate and poison families, but I am saying that God’s plan is for men to rule their homes for God.

You are responsible for the media and music that comes into your home. The London School of Economics says that nine out of ten children who go online to do homework stumble across hardcore pornography. Fifty percent of kids who enter chat rooms have given out personal information to complete strangers. The Kaiser Family Foundation Report reveals that 68% of children now have a television in their bedroom. MTV is the number one viewing choice of teenage girls. There you will find “reality-based” shows featuring young people dressed in teeny-weeny bikinis licking whipped cream off each other. Among other options you can find the infamous “pooh cam” where kids watch other kids go to the bathroom. Scores of “youth ministries” are emulating the MTV format. The number one music genre for today’s youth is the often verbally pornographic and violent rap and hip-hop. The average child in our culture consumes six and one half hours of media every day. Then there are video games like Grand Theft Auto where the player becomes a character who steals cars, rapes women, has sex with a prostitute, and then clubs her to death.

God has given men the responsibility to guard their homes. It doesn’t take an act of Congress to take back your home. You must patiently and lovingly confront bad attitudes and behaviors. You alone are accountable to God for teaching Bible principles and applying them to your family. Countless thieves are attempting to steal the hearts of your children, but you are the watchman on the wall for your home.


Israel’s destiny was intrinsically linked to the priesthood. You have heard the slogan, “Like priest, like people.” The character of Israel’s priests trickled down to the people. When the priests went corrupt, the people followed. Similarly, godly priests tended to rally the people toward godliness. Leadership always sets the moral tone.

The father’s choices during the Passover in Egypt had dire consequences for the family. Faithful fathers took their responsibility seriously. Just as God commanded, they selected a spotless lamb, drained its blood, and splattered it on the doorway of their houses. If the father failed to act it meant the sure destruction of his home — the first-born would be killed . The father’s action, or inaction, was the key to his family’s well being. The choices we make as modern men will determine whether judgment passes over, or rests on our homes.

Every man is ordained by God as a priest to guide his home. We live in a day of pragmatism, pollution, and perversion. Direction in the home, just like the ministry, is not determined merely by what is taught, but by what is tolerated. Men must be groomed to establish godly convictions and remove destructive influences from their homes. There is a crying need to train faithful men who are able to teach others also.

God commissioned Jewish fathers to shepherd their homes. In Deuteronomy 6:6-7 we read, And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. These fathers were ordained as the primary communicators of truth to their households. They understood God’s charge to teach the Word of God to their families. By applying truth to the everyday circumstances of life they were instilling character in the souls of their families.

Today’s children have too many choices and too few guides. Many fathers and mothers are attempting to be “pals” instead of “parents.” The perilous times in which we live demand an “on the job” Dad who is actively watching over the souls under his care. What fathers do, or don’t do, tremendously impacts the home.


Abraham was a man who earned the respect and admiration of his family. His wife referred to him as “lord” and Isaac trusted his father implicitly, even in the face of death. In speaking of Abraham God said, For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment (Gen. 18:19). God calls men not merely to dole out orders, but to command the esteem of those who know him best.

Sir, you should aspire to become a Patriarch. One of your chief goals as a man should be to govern your home for the glory of God. R.G. Lee said, “Parental authority has not disappeared, it has just changed hands. The children have taken it over!” Child-centered parenting is a colossal failure. Now is the time to stand up, not clam up.

In Isaiah chapter three we read how God judged Israel by removing the mighty man, the prophet, the prudent, and the honorable man. Children behaved proudly against the aged (no respect for elders). Further, God said the men would become so weak that children would oppress [tyrannize] them and women would rule [dominate] them. One sure sign of a deteriorating culture is when the men become woman-like and the women become man-like. The idolatry of socialism (making a god out of government) continues to strip men of initiative and responsibility. Emasculated men become increasingly passive and act like a bunch of neutered wimps. The psychologists have been telling us we need to get in touch with our “feminine side,” but the Bible tells us to act like men (1 Cor. 16:13)!

God has an order in the home. Adam was first created and from his side came Eve as his completer. The scripture is clear that the man is the head of the home. For the last several decades boys have been primarily raised and taught by women. Scores of young men never had a father, or any other strong male figure, during their upbringing.

The lack of example in the home and the dearth of instruction on biblical manhood have left a vacuum which must be filled . The average church has numerous ministries to youth, children, and women; but very little targeted ministry to men. Brethren, the time has come to break with our feminized culture and with God’s help bring back the Patriarchy!

Yes, every Christian home desperately needs a Prophet to Guard, a Priest to Guide, and a Patriarch to Govern. Men need illustration, instruction, and inspiration. We must rebuild the foundations for future generations. If Noah got his family on the Ark with all the wickedness in his day, so can we! Vision, prayer, work, obedience, and faith are the stepping stones to a better day. The atheists may succeed at removing any reference to the Lord from the Pledge of Allegiance, but you can strive for One Home Under God. For Jesus’ sake, BE A MAN!

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