Frown: Allah Hates You

Tolerance, freedom of speech, and “live and let live” are the mantras most Americans live by. Relativism, be it cultural, theological, or moral is the ruling philosophy of our day. About the only thing elites are sure of is there is nothing you can be sure of.

The trouble here is we are facing a religion of hate that is touted as a religion of peace. I realize that there are many Muslims who are not extremists. But I also recognize there are multiplied tens of millions who embrace, support, and cheer Islamic murderers. Hamas, the terrorist organization, recently won the Palestinian elections by a landslide. One mother, who had already given three of her sons as “homicide bombers,” was elected to office for her sacrifice. She stated that she would gladly give her other three sons as suicide bombers to kill Jews.

Kenneth R. Timmerman wrote a book titled Saudi Wealth Fuels Global Jihadism. I believe the following quote was taken from that book. “Doaa ‘Amer is a professional TV anchor who hosts Muslim Woman Magazine on IQRAA TV, a satellite channel broadcasting throughout the Arab world. As she tells it, her job is to educate the next generation of children to be ‘true Muslims.’ Readers accustomed to hearing Islam described as a ‘religion of peace’ by pundits and apologists in the West will be surprised to learn what she means, but her view is neither extreme nor unusual in today’s Islamic world-the real world of Islam, the day-to-day world of mosques and classrooms and teashops and hubbly-bubblies and government-controlled news media that provide a daily diet of hate that until recently has rarely been translated into English. On May 7, 2002, wearing her customary body-length robe and a fashionable head scarf, Doaa ‘Amer announced to her viewers that she had a special guest. The Middle East Media and Research Institute ( taped the show and provided the following transcript, as well as a complete videotape of the Arabic-language original with English subtitles.

“Our report today will be a little different because our guest is a girl, a Muslim girl, but a true Muslim.” Exuding sincerity, the attractive young host addresses herself directly to the mothers in the audience, who like her could have a daughter the same age. ‘Allah willing, may our God give us the strength to educate our children the same way, so that the next generation will turn out to be true Muslims who understand that they are Muslims and know who their enemies are,’ she gurgles. ‘This girl will introduce herself immediately. She is the daughter of my sister in faith and of the artist Wagdi al-Arabia. Her name is Basmallah.’

The camera pans slowly down and to the right as Ms. ‘Amer greets her guest, who turns out to be a small child.

“Peace be upon you,” Ms. ‘Amer says, welcoming Basmallah onto her show.

“Allah’s mercy and blessing upon you,” the little girl replies.

‘Amer: Basmallah, how old are you?’

Child: Three-and-a-half.

‘Amer: Are you a Muslim?

Child: Yes.

‘Amer: Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews?

Child: Yes.

‘Amer: Do you like them?

Child: No.

‘Amer: Why don’t you like them?

Child: Because …

‘Amer (prompting): Because they are what?

Child: They’re apes and pigs.

‘Amer: Because they’re apes and pigs? Who said they are so?

Child: Our God.

‘Amer: Where did he say this?

Child: In the Koran.

‘Amer: Right, he said that about them in the Koran.

Ms. ‘Amer turns to the camera, gushing with praise. “Basmallah, Allah be praised! Basmallah, Allah be praised! May our God bless her. No one could wish Allah could give him a more believing girl than she. … May Allah bless her and her father and mother. The next generation of children must be true Muslims. We must educate them now while they are still children so that they will be true Muslims.”

Remember the bumper sticker: Smile–“God Loves You!” Well, if the militant Muslims were into bumper stickers theirs might read: “Frown: Allah Hates You– and So do True Muslims!”

The entire interview referenced above can be found at The above quote was taken from The Muslim Woman Magazine: Hosted by Doaa Amer (Aired from Egypt May 7, 2002)

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  1. kathy fryarFebruary 24, 2015

    Franklin Graham said it well when he said true followers of Christ emulate Christ and true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed. Hatred , brutal killing, torture, rape, child abuse and wanting all people everywhere to be frightened into submission are not characteristics of our Lord Jesus Christ. The God of the Christians is not the same as the god of the Muslims, no matter how they try to convince the world he is. The Only True and Living God came to show Himself to us in the form of His Son Jesus Christ. He didn’t come to kill, he came to give His life a ransom for many. The Muslims don’t believe Jesus is God so that one statement is enough to prove Allah is not the true and living God of the Bible. So who is their Allah? To whom are they pledging their allegiance and for whom are they dying? Based on the characteristics of the activities in which they engage themselves, I’ll let you come to your own conclusion on who their god is.
    So we must take every opportunity to show them this love of Christ which is so foreign to them since all they have ever known is hatred.
    “But I say unto you, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven.”
    “Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you.”
    “Continue ye in my love.”
    These are the words of the God of the Bible. The day is swiftly approaching that we will have to stand and proclaim our God is Jesus Christ and be willing to pay the price for doing so.
    May God give us the grace to do what He calls us to do and may we be willing to trust and obey.
    We have supported missionaries for years that live in other countries where these conditions are faced on a day to day basis. They faithfully witness for the Lord Jesus and stay true to God’s Word even if it is not politically correct. Now it is time for us to do the same!
    “And who knoweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this.”
    Even so come Lord Jesus.


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