A Revival M-O

When God sends revival to a congregation of the saints, there is a natural interest in prolonging the good effects of what has happened. One of the most important factors in extending the blessings of the revival is for the church to adopt what could be called “a revival M-O.”

Addicted To Revival

Revival is when God shows UP and shows OFF. A blazing fire always draws a crowd. And any church ablaze with holy fire will not lack for a congregation. Whenever God is manifestly present in power, everyone knows it! For decades now, Revival fire has been the exception rather than the norm. But, those who have been in the fire are never satisfied with the smoke. There is this yearning for a return of the GLORY.

Accountability And Revival

The Missing Ingredient in America’s Search for Renewal J.L. Dagg, well-known nineteenth century author, noted, “It has been remarked, that when discipline leaves a church, Christ goes with it.” The deplorably low state of Christianity in America is traceable to the absence of accountability. The pastor of a large church, 2,000 in attendance, informed the church leadership that one of the church leaders

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