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We have developed a series of short chapter intoductory videos for ten chapters from our latest book APPROACHING GOD’S THRONE: BIBLICAL PROTOCOLS FOR PRAYER.  (Watch a short introduction video below about the series.) These professionally produced videos are designed to be shown to your group as an introdution to implementation in a prayer session. Attendees are encouraged to read the designated chapter beforehand. The REFLECTION and APPLICATION sections, which appear at the end of each chapter, are ready-made discussion starters. 

Video Titles

  • The PRAISE Protocol (8:10)
  • The GRATITUDE Protocol (7:08)
  • The REVERENCE Protocol (7:45)
  • The TEACHABILITY Protocol (8:57)
  • The TENDERHEART Protocol (9:37)
  • The FAITH Protocol (12:19)
  • The HUMILITY Protocol (11:11)
  • The CLEANSING Protocol (7:35)
  • The SINGING Protocol (6:52)
  • The FORGIVENESS Protocol (9:51)

The total cost for videos only is $45. NOTE: YOU ARE PURCHASING A VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINK. NO PHYSICAL MEDIA IS SHIPPED. You will receive instructions to access the videos after purchase.


  • If you are a church inside Virgina, please call our office to place your order to avoid state sales taxes. 
  • DO NOT order other products with your video order or you will be charged shipping charges on the total order.

Call our office at 540-890-6100 for more information.

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