Upper Room Praying

The Key to Revival When Jesus left earth, all He left behind was a prayer meeting. In fact, it was an Upper Room prayer meeting. His sole strategy to impact the planet was limited to a handful of distressed disciples in an Upper Room. These humble beginnings were the springboard to Pentecost. What took place in the Upper Room would determine the course and destiny of the early church. Since everything

Hell’s Desperate Cry

A Prayer from Perdition In Luke 16 we find the story of how a rich man became poor and a poor man became rich. Here we see incredible contrast. On earth, the rich man lived in luxury while Lazarus lived in poverty. The rich man enjoyed a life of ease, while Lazarus endured a lifetime of suffering. The only thing that these two men had in common was the fact that they both died . When the rich man

Calling On God

The Equipment for Prayer Huge amounts of money are spent each year to recruit young people to show up at the flagpole of their local schools for prayer. The rage some years ago was to get Christians to pray on the steps of their State Capitol buildings. I recall the lament of one who had been involved in the national prayer movement because the major media gave no coverage to their event. Now the

Sinful Praying

When Praying is Wrong Most praying is sinful. No, this is not a typo. The staggering fact is not all prayer is good. Most, if not all, religions embrace a lofty concept of prayer. But prayer, in and of itself, is not necessarily good. Wrong praying is just as sinful as not praying at all. The lost art of biblical prayer is so rarely practiced that hardly anybody would ever think prayer could be sinful

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