The Extraordinary Father


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Harold Vaughan

Becoming a dad is one of the most wonderful events that can ever take place in your life and provides so many opportunities to model the fatherhood of God! Think about it: even as an imperfect human being, you can demonstrate the wonderful qualities of Christian character that will inspire your children themselves to become godly.

Come on a month-long journey with Harold Vaughan and several other men as they share many insights and lessons from their experience of fatherhood, and as they encourage you to become the extraordinary father God calls you to be. Enjoy these short, easy-to-read meditations on topics such as giving priority to your family, keeping a positive attitude, maintaining a peaceful home atmosphere, encouraging planning, fostering wisdom, directing self-motivation, and encouraging prayer, church involvement, and soul-winning.

Each devotion concludes with a cluster of application points that will help you review what you have read, give you some things to think and pray about, and help you practically apply these principles in your own world.

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